We in Rug&Rug specialise in premium vintage design Persian rugs. Persian rugs have a solid reputation of supreme quality and durability. As providers of this collection, we live up to these standards and put forward high-end quality rugs of both Persian and modern designs to accommodate our customers’ diverse tastes.

Unlike traditional rugs that are characterised by precisely symmetrical, ornate designs, our vintage design rugs unite the elegance of traditional patterns with modern asymmetry for a surprising but pleasant new style. Although this is a fairly new concept in the rug industry, it has expanded rapidly and attracted fans of both modern and traditional home decor for its timeless look.

Although our rugs are machine-made to offer customers the advantage of unexpensive pricing, delicate designs and manufacturing techniques has ensured they retain a handmade look, thereby preserving the Persian authenticity of each and every traditional design. Vintage and modern designs also come with the same premium quality.

 high-quality stain-resistant material rug

The high quality stain-resistant material of the rug makes it easier to maintain and wash, ideal for high-traffic living spaces. Other prominent features include the antibacterial and anti-allergy properties of the material, and the durable high-quality yarn that can last for years without wearing down. The soft feel of the rug is perfect for a family environment and gifts comfort and warmth to your floors.

We ship our rugs Australia wide in all shapes and sizes. Unlike many polyester rugs in the market that flatten in the short term, the quality double twisted threads of our rugs ensure their form is held over time, meaning the three-dimensional textures and patterns of the rugs do not flatten even after years.

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