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Quality twisted threads for life-long beauty!
Say no more to flattened, worn out, and stained rugs.
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An unusual but welcome blend of abstract grayscale and traditional Persian floral designs, this rug shows off a fancy fusion between a modern and cultural style, surpassing regular expectations and bringing characteristic elements of two eras together. Magnolia creates a three-dimensional effect on the floor, to add soulful life and a sensory relief effect to your room alongside its aesthetic beauty.

A most fascinating feature of this collection of rugs, Magnolia included, is the inherent two-way colour variation that the material displays. The duality in perceived colour tones from opposite sides of the rug makes for an even greater experience, giving you two filters of the design to enjoy.

Despite being machine-made, Magnolia retains an authentic hand-made look. The stain resistant material of the rug makes it easier to maintain and wash, ideal for high-traffic living spaces. Other prominent features include the antibacterial and anti-allergy properties of the material, and the high-end durable quality that can last for years without wearing down. The soft feel of the rug is perfect for a family environment and gifts comfort and warmth to your floors.
Quality Features:

- Unlike many polyester rugs in the market that flatten in the short term, the quality double twisted threads of our rugs ensure their form is held over time, meaning the texture doesn’t flatten even after years.

- The material used in the rugs is a composition of Cotton and Heat-set Acrylic, which through processing, produces soft, stain-repelling fibres resistant to wear and tear. Its antistatic property means pet hairs and lint won't readily adhere to the fibres, making vacuuming much easier.

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